Traders operate in a fast moving business environment and need a system which gives them “Real Time" information. Smart Trader allows you to manage your business through upto date information as you need it. Both inquiries and orders are easily tracked from time of initial inquiry right through till shipping and dispatch of orders. Powerfull task automation facilities exists, such as for following up on enquiries or sending invoices.

Smart Trader has been meticulously designed by highly experienced and competitive team putting relentless effort with great attention to details. Our in-depth understanding of the needs of Traders has produced a solution which will enable you to proper in today's demanding business climate. We have experience and knowledge to help you maximise your investment with a trouble-free implementation, backed by high caliber training and support. This software is highly user friendly which can be used by senior managers, accountants and by office staffs with effortless ease. This complete solution is a great tool for all users providing information in real time to respond to customer and to make strategic decisions. Smart Trader is an ideal solution for any Trader.

Features Of Smart Traders

  • Management of all types of receipt and payment vouchers
  • Bank Reconciliation option to balance the Bank Statement with bank book.
  • Financial statements containing Income Statement and 8alance Sheet for analysis and decision making.
  • Management reports to analyze trends in various accounts such as sales.purchase, customers and suppliers
  • Real time Stock Position and Status
  • Identification of obselete and slow moving inventory items
  • Monitoring of desirable inventory levels.

Procurement Modules

  • Procurement module to control the flow of purchase from Order till Invoice
  • Effective Inventory Management Reports help in finding the value of stock at multiple locations
  • Import costing mechanism helps in simplifying the calculation of cost on imported materials
  • Reorder levels helps in generating Purchase Order of product that are below the desired inventory level
  • Helps in identifying over and under stock levels, ra- Reduces the obsolete and slow moving inventories

Sales Modules

  • Sales module is to manage the Sales from receiving of order till invoiced
  • Reports to analyze the Sales over a certain period of time
  • Aging Analysis for the effective management of receivables
  • Sales Tax Input and Output Register for finalizing the Sales Tax Return
  • Generation of Ledger Accounts and Financial statements

Benefits To Traders

  • Smart Trader helps In planning your business efficiently and effectively.
  • Optimize your profit by tactfully managing organizational resources
  • Time saving by curtailing paper work
  • SMART TRADER can be accessed from remote locations by senior Executives to keep them updated about their business
  • Better analysis of business by auto generated reports
  • Cost efficient by reducing dependency on man power P2f Chances of errors are minimized
  • Effective Management of Receivables and improvement in cash flows
  • Avoids duplication of resources
  • Customer's attraction and retention
  • Lean and thin environment
  • Elimination of unnecessary phone calls and follow-ups
  • Real time tracking of Orders