Auto Pilot has been meticulously designed by highly experienced team putting in over 10,000 hours for 3S auto dealers which great attention to details. The four modules of the complete solution address minute details of Sales, Service, Spares and Customer Relations for an auto dealer.The program is highly user friendly which can be used by Senior Mangers, the Mechanics and even their Helpers with effortless ease. This complete solution is a great tool for the all the users providing information in real time to respond to customers and to make strategic business decisions.

  • Warranty Claims of OEMs
  • Technician and Bay Monitoring System for controlling the workshop capacity and efficiency.
  • Depreciation Bill and Invoke Generation.
  • Aged analysts of Receivables and monitoring the recoveries
  • Generation of Monthly Accounts and Financial Statements

Spare Module

  • Procurement of Spares complete system
  • Spares Inventory Management System (SIMS) for Optimization
  • Pans Issued to workshop, integrated with the servke software.
  • Local pans sales mechanism
  • Inventory valuation
  • Monthly Average Demand (Separate for jobbers and Workshop)
  • Monthly Inventory Position (Separate for Jobbers and Workshop)
  • Suggested Order Quantity (Separate for Jobbers and Workshop)
  • Monthly Phase In & Phase Out Repon (Separate for Jobbers and Workshop)

Customer Relations Module

  • SMS to customer for thanks after 7 Days of delivery
  • Appointment Reminder through SMS day before Appointment.
  • Reminder for No-Show Customer to renew the Appointment.
  • Campaigns of Dealers and OEMS through SMS
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Post Service Follow-Up designed according to the given format by OEMS

Advantage To The 3S Dealers

  • Reduction in inventory holding cost
  • Effective Management of Receivables and improvement in cash flows.
  • Organizing and effective management of sales and sales team
  • Objective, performance management of individual sales person
  • Customer attraction and retention
  • Monitoring of key business indicators for analysis and decision making
  • Paperless environment
  • Lean and thin environment
  • User friendly process
  • Focus of salesman on customer rather than cumbersome paper work
  • Reduction in cycle times
  • Real time connectivity with OEMs

Software Features

Sales Modules

  • Maintenance of Allocation according to the deadline date
  • Resource Book tool designed according to the requirement of OEMs.
  • Dispatch, Arrival, Document and allocation of Parking bay management mechanism.
  • Aged analysis of Receivables and monitoring the recoveries.
  • Generation of Monthly Accounts and Financial Statements.

Service Modules

  • Appointment Management according to the capacity of Workshop.
  • Estimate and Job Card for both General and Denting and Painting Jobs
  • Elimination of unnecessary phone calls and follow-ups.
  • Real time tracking of orders
  • SMS alerts to the customers.
  • Sales prospect status: Cold, Warm, Hot

Advantages To OEMs

  • Dealers integration.
  • Real time monitoring of sales by dealers, region and national basis
  • True picture of sales by models and variants for future forecast
  • Performance management of dealers
  • Better analysis of business by auto generated reports
  • Timely decisions for allocations and reallocation
  • Cut down on non-value adding steps
  • Improvement in cash flows due to prompt deposits through online mechanism
  • Plugging the leaky buckets
  • All inquiries of customers are captured
  • Complete data of the prospective customer is captured for follow-ups
  • Motivational tool as the employee can track his own performance